EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE....we get the chance to do something remarkable, a chance to change a piece of the world for the better. It is what we do with that chance.that sets the course of the direction of the rest of our lives. We started out as a tiny company making aromatherapy gifts out of the backyard gazebo

of a globe travelling princess from Liberia. After many years and word of mouth, the business grew big enough to start selling artisan handcrafted products from the farthest corners of the globe, thoughtfully curated with the utmost time and attention to detail.Now, the demand has grown large enough to bestow these gifts in an online store format. We are just so grateful. So, the next step is GIVING BACK ! 

Throughout our travels, we've found many artists willing to give of their time in designing something great exclusively for Luminous Dreams Store customers with an eye for art and a desire to help those around the,. A portion of the sales of the art piece will go to the artist to support their work and the remainder will be given to a charity once the piece has been sold. 

Information about the charity associated with each piece will be able to be found in the blog section of the Luminous Dreams Store Website. There will also be a picture of the money order being sent to the particular charity. So, if you love art    and you  hate covid-19   you've come to the right place. This week's charity piece is a handmade journal, with gold lined pages, heavy quality art ,drawing, or writing pages, and a cove that is to die for! Check out the Video below, and let's make the world better together. 


50% to